ANCIENT remedies die hard.

Do you know that ginger is a powerful anti-aging remedy? Ginger, especially when taken fresh, aids digestion, soothes stomach ailments and controls arthritis. Its enzyme zingibain is more powerful than the papaya enzyme papain, according to Paul Schulick in “Ginger: Common Spice & Wonder Drug.”

In fact, 1 pound of ginger is equivalent to 180 pounds of papaya. And unlike papaya, it has low glycemic index. Ginger is a strong anti-inflammatory agent (gingerol compound) and is effective as astirine with no side effects.

The best way to take ginger is to grate two teaspoons and mix with very hot water.

Steep for five minutes, strain and stir slowly.

Instant lift

Ever wondered why your skin isn’t as plump and supple as it was when you were 16? That’s because the levels of hyaluron and collagen diminish over time. A primary component of young, healthy skin and connective tissue, these can be replenished.

Hyaluron’s main function is to lubricate and cushion all tissues and organs. A drastic decrease in this substance leads to deep wrinkles, fragile arteries leading to stroke and heart attack, and poor eyesight/vision leading to blindness.

Collagen is a fibrous protein that connects and supports tissues and organs, skin, bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons. Without collagen, tissue cells will be torn apart.

Collagen works with elastic, a protein molecule inside connective tissue. Its main job is to make skin firm.

Now, a natural face and body lift minus surgery is possible. Slowly but surely, a Japan-made regimen of hyaluron and collagen taken as a potent tea provides 7,000 mg a day of youth drink. Each sachet is more than enough to give the boost you need from inside-out. This is so effective that within two weeks, visible results are dramatic.

Ask your doctor about Hyaluron-Collagen supplements, or call Dr. Rudy Apostol, aesthetic anti-aging medicine expert (0917-5782088).

This imported product is also available at the World of Wellness, SM Fairview and V-Mall (332-3864, 723-3878).

Managing stress

Managing the power of touch is a science of healing that dates back to ancient times in Egypt, China and India. The right pressure, when applied at specific points or meridians in the body, has therapeutic benefits.

The Mandarin Reflexology Foot & Body Spa at the Alabang Town Center has successfully harmonized massage and reflexology into a one-hour relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

In a dimly lit spa ambience, one can simply sink into the cozy lounging chairs and drift into slumber. Expert hands, trained by two Taiwanese specialists, have brought into the Philippines their famous reflex regimen. A complimentary cup of wolfberry tea, an added touch of entrepreneurs Maan Uy and Annie Ting, hits the healing spot (809-6108; 0917-5208950).

Affirm: “I am in charge of my body, mind and spirit.”

Love and light!

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