Beluntas (Pluchea indica L / Baccharis indica L) is a plant commonly grown in a college or serve as a fence. The name of this plant is probably not so familiar. However, these plants do not actually form seasing name. If we look carefully, almost certainly the people would know him as the plants are often found in the yard, because it is often used as a hedge plant.

Beluntas leaves according to research results have antibacterial and antioxidant functions as well as potential for development as a food preservative and medicine.Plants growing in the family Asteraceae small shrub, grows upright and can grow as high as 2 meters with many branches. Beluntas or who have other names Phatpa or Marsh Fleabane has a short petiole, rounded edges taper, with a serrated edge. Some areas in Indonesia beluntas name with a different name like baluntas (Madura), Luntas (Central Java), and Lamutasa (Napier).

Beluntas an upright shrubs, woody, much branched, with a height can reach two meters. Single leaf, rounded egg shape, pointed tip, downy, yellowish-green young leaves and old after a long pale green leaves and from 3.8 to 6.4 cm. Grows wild in the soil with high humidity; in several places in West Java, this plant is used as a hedge and the boundary between land on the estate.

Chemical properties
Beluntas have leaves that contain alkaloids, tannins, sodium, essential oils, calcium, flafonoida, magnesium and phosphorus. At the root there flavonoid and tannin.

Pharmacological effects
According to the research results can be used beluntas leaves fresh or dried and has a distinctive odor, taste bitter, helping improve appetite, antifertilitas and helps facilitate digestion.

Some of the benefits of natural herbs Beluntas to health problems among others.
Part of Plant Used & Utilization:

All parts of plants, either fresh or dried, can be used to treat some diseases as follows.

1. Digestive Disorders in Children
Wash 3-5 leaves beluntas, knead, mix with porridge or rice strain teams, stir, and eat. Perform each meal.
Alternatively, squeeze 10 leaves, add 1 tablespoon of honey, and mix well. Combine this mixture on the team or porridge rice strain to be given with each meal.

2.  Rheumatic pain
Take 15 grams of root Beluntas, wash and boil with water and drinking water was boiled roots

3.  Eliminates body odor
Leaves and flowers beluntas contain alkali can be used as an antiseptic.
How to use leaf  beluntas to eliminate body odor is eaten raw or steamed first. Rinse leaves beluntas 10-15 and then eat as a salad. Perform routine 3 times a day. In addition to eliminating body odor Beluntas leaves also can eliminate bad breath. For those who do not like, can by drinking boiled water leaves every morning and evening. Beluntas also useful lower body temperature, so much sweat that comes out and the body temperature to drop. 

4.  Lowering Heat
Brewed beluntas like brewing tea leaves, then drink until normal body temperature.

Pregnant Women are prohibited from consuming this plant and not good for women because it can reduce woman's fertility.