The benefits of Tongkat Ali
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Genuine tongkat ali extract is a wonderful enrichment of anybody's health and life. It's proven to help in preventing cancer, it lowers blood pressure (and thereby extends a person's life span), it works against obesity in women and men (and has even been patented for this), it gives men a more athletic appearance (proven in a scientific study with real people), and it makes for a better life overall because it improves libido and sexual pleasure ... and all of this without side effects worth mentioning.

With all these pluses, practically everybody has a good reason to add tongkat ali extract to one's daily diet. And actually, in Malaysia, the country that once had forests full of tongkat ali trees (all eaten up), most people indeed use tongkat ali every day. If one checks at a Carrefour or Tesco in Malaysia, one will notice that there are more brands of coffee on sale that do contain tongkat ali than there are coffees without. In Malaysia, even Nestle sells Nescafe with tongkat ali.

But tongkat ali has now become scarce. In Malaysia it's meanwhile a protected plant, specifically guarded by forest rangers. In Thailand, tongkat ali root powder, gram by gram, is more expensive than Viagra and weighted on gold scales. The only country where there still is some stock in the wild is Indonesia.

Everybody has a good reason to make tongkat ali part of his or her daily diet. But tongkat ali is already hard to find, and therefore expensive. So, what most people buy is not tongkat ali but cheap shit.

The international market for herbal supplements is totally under-regulated. Unscrupulous merchants, mostly on the Internet, can sell about anything and claim it's tongkat ali extract when in fact, it's just potato starch with some food colouring.

And to make sure their cheap raw materials have an effect at all, they may add some sildenafil analogues that can be bought cheaply from dealers of chemical raw products. You're a fool if you buy such junk that isn't even licensed as safe in pets, and you don't know whether in three years time, you get a brain cancer or a liver cancer (more likely).

Purported benefits for sexual stamina and muscle growth have made Tongkat Ali a popular supplement for bodybuilders and elderly men.


  1. The most commonly discussed benefit of Tongkat Ali supplementation is increased testosterone production. Preliminary research has shown increased sperm count, size and speed.
  2. Fever Relief

  3. Substances called quassinoids found in Tongkat Ali extract are considered to be two times as effective as aspirin in relieving fever.
  4. Thermogenic

  5. Tongkat Ali is considered to be thermogenic because it increases your internal temperature by raising the heart rate and speeding the flow of blood throughout your body. Thermogenic agents are often used for dieting and weight loss.
  6. Antioxidant

  7. According to the Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Tongkat Ali contains the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase. Antioxidants such as SOD can destroy waste products known as free radicals that can damage other living cells.
  8. Anti-Anxiety

  9. Although many testimonials describe Tongkat Ali use as increasing sexual aggression, the herb has been found in research to contain anxiolytic, or anxiety-reducing, capabilities. Studies have shown the herbal supplement to be medicinally comparable to diazepam.
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