Efficacy of Lemongrass herbs
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About Lemon Grass Herbs

The lemon grass is an herb, which is originated from India. Cymbopogon is the botanical name for the lemon grass. The grass will be very tall the evergreen. Initially lemon grass is from Asia and slowly it is associated with many other countries. It can be taken along with tea. It is a recent trend where most of the people will have the habit of consuming the black tea to a larger extent.

Make your body heal itself

Many varieties of lemon grass have been produced as a whole. The quality and the taste will differ from each variety because of the weather conditions in the plantation area, the process and procedures used to make lemon grass. Because of the high value of the health benefits the lemon grass gives, it is scientifically proved that all should consume it can reduce the risk of getting heart related problems. It serves the purpose of the best solution for weight losing management. The lemon grass juice or extracts used in empty stomach will cause adverse effect. It will cure congestion and certain types of cancers. So it is very important to have the limited amount of lemon grass is always good for health. Since it will have Vitamin C in it, it helps in a greater way for mails and skins. The growth of colorectal tumors will be reduced because of regular consumption of lemon grass and sometimes will lead to cancer related problems also. Studies clearly say that the oil produced out of lemon grass will be used as a pesticide and preservative.

Medical uses of Lemon Grass Herbs

The boiled tealeaves along with lemon grass will improve the condition of the human health. Limited consumption of lemon grass will reduce major heart diseases. It will also help to control cholesterol to a larger extent possible. The fat oxidation of the green tea is high. It also helps to reduce the size of the kidney stones to certain extent. Lemon grass is more of antioxidant. Some of the studies proved that consumption of green tea will not give much relief to heart related problems. Lemon tea helps a lot to dieters. It prevents tooth decay. It also fights with the bacteria in the teeth and kills it to avoid plaque. Lemon grass to the maximum level prevents and fights with various virus and germs in the diseased body. The advantage of green tea is it is steamed. Five to six percent of men and women drinking green tea will have the advantage of preventing to get the heart diseases. Insomnia is one of the effects by drinking the lemon grass. Since green tea will have caffeine into it which leads to insomnia. The lemon grass lovers are considered as the health lovers in the society by their society. Lemon grass will have fresh and clean leaves like lemon and contains more essential oil, which is similar to that of in the lemon peel. Taking a cup of lemon grass juice daily along with tea or along will give a good relief to the total body after recovering from fever.

Lemon grass also can be used either fresh, dried or powdered. The fresh stalks can be found in Asian markets and now in many health food markets. Be sure to buy ones that have plump bases and long, blade-like green leaves: these will be the freshest ones. When using it fresh, strip off the tough outer leaves and cut off the bottom root portion. Slice the bulbous end into rings about 1/4" in size on a diagonal. Cut into longer strips if you are not going to strain your dish so you can remove these course pieces before serving. Bruise the pieces before adding to release the flavors. Lemon grass freezes well which is a good thing, since it is usually sold in large bundles, far more than I can use at once. It can be stored whole in the refrigerator in plastic for up to two weeks, but usually I'll just go ahead and prep it at the moment and place it in a plastic bag in the freezer. It holds well for up to five months. If using dried lemon grass, soak in hot water to reconstitute. The powder, called sejeh, is mostly added to curry pastes and used in beverages.

Lemon grass has been used for centuries in Indonesia and Malaysia by herbalists and in Ayurvedic herbalism. It is used in teas to combat depression and bad moods, fight fever and as well as nervous and digestive disorders. Studies show that lemon grass has antibacterial and antifungal properties. The oil is used to cleanse oily skin, and in aromatherapy it is used as a relaxant. Valued for its exotic citrus fragrance, it is commercially used in soaps, perfumes and as an ingredient in sachets.

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