Hempedu Bumi (Bile Earth)
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Bile Earth
Scientific name: Andrographis paniculata
Family: Acanthaceae
Common Name: Bile earth
Other names: The root story, sambilata, nivalembu, king of bitter, all-Tita
Location found: Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia

The plant of the tiny while flowers at the axils is a herb known as Andrographis paniculata. The Malays call it Hempedu Bumi (Bile of the Earth)/Pokok Cerita (Plant of Tales) while other locals call it the antibiotic plant. Hempedu Bumi is a medicinal plant that grows in India, China and South East Asia. The name in Malay means ‘Bile of the earth’.  It is very bitter and is nicknamed ‘King of Bitters’.

The Chinese call the plant Chaun xin lian. It is widely cultivated in China, Thailand, the East and West Indies and Mauritius . This medicinal plant is also popular in South East Asia and India. It is one of the ingredients used in traditional herbal formulations.

Research on this herb has shown its effectiveness against several strains of the HIV virus. It prevents the virus from infecting healthy T-cells and inhibits the spread of infection, while other studies show that the herb is able to fight HIV in cells even after they have been infected. This action is the same as AZT, a commonly used AIDS drug with a number of debilitating side-effects, including a low blood count.

Other reported applications include its use in cases of malaria, dysentery and herpes.

The global flu epidemic of 1918 was one of the most devastating infectious outbreaks in world history - more virulent even than the Black Death in the 14th century - killing 50 million people worldwide. No country escaped its onslaught but in India, Hempedu Bumi [Andrographis paniculata], was credited with stopping the spread of the deadly virus.

Nowadays in the West, those who use ‘alternative medicine’ turn to this plant to prevent and treat the common cold. Research has indicated its effectiveness against upper respiratory infection by increasing the body's resistance . It is also an expectorant (promotes mucus discharge from the respiratory system)

Scientists have discovered that this herb helps boost the immune system by stimulating the production of antibodies and macrophages - large white blood cells that scavenge foreign matter.

Hempedu Bumi extracts are also showing promise in relieving diarrhea associated with E.coli bacterial infections.

Bile earth leaves can be used to lower high blood pressure in addition to treating diabetes. Boil the leaves and drinks.  The leaves can also treat wounds by grinding the leaves and put it on the wound. Chemical substances in the leaf can break the fat molecules that have clogged bloodstream causing blood pressure to increase. Leaf boiled water that has bitter trigger it to break down fat molecules. But it is undeniable that taste bitter, and sour so difficult to separated local natural herbal medicine. But the taste does not attract a large part of our society. They prefer to taste the sweet and salty. Of sweet and salty in excess can cause certain diseases. But if we balance the tastes are good for health. 

Currently scientists are focusing on the herb’s ability to prevent the formation of blood clots and prevent the re-clogging of arteries after angioplasty - a technique used to treat blocked arteries by inserting a balloon into the blood vessels which is then inflated to widen the artery.

Further research reveals that the herb activates fibrinolysis, a natural process in the body in which blood clots are dissolved. It also relaxes the smooth muscle in the walls of blood vessels and has a blood pressure-lowering effect. It performs as well as many conventional drugs but without the harmful side-effects, the herb is hypoglycemic – it can reduce blood sugar .

This herbs can be a good treatment for diabetes, high blood pressure. asthma, arteriosclerosis, chest pain due to heart disease, malaria, fever, stimulates the activity of the stomach, tonic, restore body functions, snake bites and venomous stings.

In fact, this plant is also suitable for treating insect bites. The easiest way is to take a few leaves and crush. Rub in place bitten. But it is more popular in the treatment of high blood pressure and fever. The usual method is that we need to take a few leaves and clean them. Then soak the leaves in a glass of hot water and let it heat water that is warm. After that, drink slowly. It tastes quite bitter, particularly for the first time you take it. But bear in mind, as other herbaceous plants often do not drink very much in a day. Enough to drink once a day.

Planting material can be propagated using seeds. Bile earth can be planted on the ridge with 30 cm spacing between plants in the row and 30 cm between rows. Collection of revenue shall be carried out at 8-10 weeks after planting with trees cut 5 cm from ground level. Fertilizer rates needed for sandy soils is 10 t / ha chicken manure and 500 kg / ha NPK compound fertilizer = 10:10:10. Only 250 kg / ha of semi-organic fertilizer needed for alluvial soils. Dry yield potential is in the range of 1.0-1.5 t / ha.

Generally, bitter herbs have an affinity with the heart, liver and gall bladder. Hempedu Bumi has an amazing broad range of beneficial properties. It is used in a variety of herbal traditions. Found in the Indian Pharmacopoeia, it is prominent in at least 26 Ayurvedic formulas. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Hempedu Bumi is an important "cold property" herb: it is used to rid the body of heat, as in fevers, and to dispel toxins from the body. This herb is also used in SE Asia traditional medicine. 
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