Balik Adap (Mussaenda villosa wall)
1:29 PM | Author: Atie

Scientific name: Mussaenda Villosa wall
Family: Rubiaceae
Common Name: Back adap
Location found:  Bushes and swamps

This plant is commonly found in villages around the bushes. It also grows wild in the lowlands and swamps, and it is easy to recognize if it is during flowering.   The leaves are composed of a mixture of green leaves and white. The flowers are orange and some white. Most of the people used the leaves as "ulam" (salad).

It is used to treat fever by squeezing the leaves into the water and then this water is used for scarce (wetting) the patient's head to lower his body temperature.

This herb also used as an alternative for herbal steam bath by most elderly people. It so refreshing and removes the body odor...

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